Welcome to the ShutUp Zone

Providing safe and secure storage of personal valuables for customers in the
Leisure Sector.

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Welcome to the ShutUp Zone!!

The ShutUp Zone aims to be the market leader in the safe storage of personal belongings across the leisure sector.

Our strapline is "Keeps it safe" and focuses on ensuring that personal valuables are cared for in a more robust and reliable compartment, no matter the environment.

This gives you the most reliable and cost-effective storage solution for personal valuables, using modern design, creating peace of mind for customers and enhancing security at your sites.

The SBox has a digital screen to display information and messages to assist users in their use of the unit.


An introduction for businesses

A place where your customers can stow away their worries and get peace of mind, making your centre a better place to be!

The ShutUp Zone is a space of trusted security where people can store their valuables and know they are guaranteed to be kept safe and secure.

By directing your customers to the ShutUp Zone, you are providing them with a convenient alternative to leaving valuables in more vulnerable changing room lockers or their car.

The ShutUp Zone uses RFID Wrist Strap technology, security video surveillance and an external Control Room to provide ultra-high security and convenience for your customers, and no hassle for your business!

The ShutUp Zone accepts responsibility for valuables!

No one likes an angry customer!



Pre-launch marketing will include presentations to staff to gain their support and contact with users via emails sent direct to your members.

An on-site marketers will be used to sign up members at the launch of each unit, providing a fixed quantity of free RFID wrist straps at each centre.

Our Brand focuses on

 British made

 High strength and resilience

 Advanced technology

 Ease of access for legitimate users

 Low cost

 Promoting a Membership experience

 Providing peace of mind



The SBox is designed with security in mind. Made from stainless steel and built to withstand the most robust physical attack.

Unique modern design to be aesthetically pleasing as it is seen in reception, or other highly visable areas.

The SBox has a digital screen to display information and messages to assist users.

Two cameras are part of the SBox to record use of the ShutUp Zone and can be viewed live by the external control room for customer services and security.

The control room can handle customer queries with authorised remote unlocking.

The SBox has two sizes of compartment
  • Small Compartments for valuables including jewellery, watches, wallets, phones and keys
  • Medium Compartments for larger valuables including laptops, ipads and documents

Safe, secure, and reliable

Will it suit my centre?

Yes it will!! The SBox provides total security for personal valuables with high grade materials used to enhance peace of mind.

What is the process for fitting an SBox?

We will arrange for a site survey to be carried out to access the most appropriate location for the Sbox, together with identifying ease of access and any security considerations.

What type of agreement is needed?

We will provide you with an SBox agreement, incorporating your requirements, to ensure the unit you receive is the best one for your centre.

How long does it take?

As soon as the agreement is signed and returned it takes less than eight (8) weeks to install and be available for use.

How is it marketed?

We will work with you to encourage greater take up of use to maximise the safe and secure care of valuables at your centre, from pre-launch to continued use.

What does it cost?

There is no installation cost to you, in fact you receive 15% of the total income from the unit. We arrange for the power supply and internet cabling to be fitted and the installation of the SBox following completion of the agreement.

How does it reduce the impact to the centre?

The SBox is remotely accessed from our control room so no keys need to be provided to your staff, therefore no comeback to you!!

Get started with the ShutUp Zone today!

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