ShutUpZone - B2C
arrow We're installing ShutUp Zones at Leisure centres and gyms, hotels, shopping centres and festivals. You'll find ShutUp Zones when you're out of home. It's so convenient.
They're simple to use... Just place your items into an empty compartment and return later to find your items.
ShutUp Zones have been built to make them secure with cameras to monitor their protection. Totally secure when you return.
There are different sizes available, so you can store items like wallets and keys, to laptops and coats.
Go cashless and enjoy the freedom of your SUZ wrist strap to come and go as often as you want.
With auto top-up on your account settings, never run out of credit so it's always working.
new shut up zones
When people visit a ShutUp Zone
they can enjoy
the convenience of cashless systems with RFID technology.
arrow Join in and get an account. It's much safer to store your personal items, plus our Members benefit from free wifi and other rewards. If you are one of our first Members in a new location, you'll receive the SUZ RFID wristband for free.
The ShutUp Zone because it's safe and convenient.
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Registration Form
The first step in getting your ShutUp Zone account is simple. Enter your email into the boxes next to this text. Click submit, then if everything was ok, move onto step 2.
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Email Confirmation
Check your inbox for the email form, if you can't find it, check your spam folder, and add to your whitelist. You may have to wait a few minutes for it to arrive. If it hasn't arrived within 5 minutes, try re-entering your email into step 1, or contact us for help. Once the email has arrived, click on the link as shown in the image next to this text, and move onto step 3.
The link in the email will have taken you to the password creation page. Pick a password of at least 8 characters in length. Enter it in twice to be sure it's the correct password, and hit submit. If anything goes wrong, or you have any difficulties, please contact us and we can help. Once you've submitted a password, you'll be re-directed to your account area, and can move onto step 4.
Final Steps
In order to use all the features a ShutUp Zone account provides, first we'll need some info about you. Please fill in the forms as guided within the account area. If you don't want to enter information yet, or aren't sure, hit the skip button. When finished, you'll have a fully functioning account. Congratulations!