About Us

ShutUp Leisure is part of the ShutUp Zone group of companies and is focused on understanding the needs of customers and operators in the Leisure Sector. We then work with each operator to install the most appropriate units for each of their leisure sites.

Our team is made up of a range of creative and experienced people that have worked in a number of industries including leisure, banking and technology. We have experience in identifying and evaluating customer needs in order to better satisfy and exceed them. In addition, because we work with both leisure operators and users, we are able to understand their requirements using an equal and balanced methodology.

Our aim is to combine our knowledge of the leisure industry with the latest technology to ensure that our products are at the cutting edge in providing the most secure place for your personal valuables. We believe that this can only be successfully achieved by working with operators and listening to users to ensure that we provide consistently high levels of service and products to satisfy their needs.

The Amazing Team

Meet our small team that make this great product.

Trevor Waite
Owner and major shareholder

Trevor has 35 years experience in the provision of changing room lockers to the leisure industry as well as National Rail and Youth Hostels Association. At the peak of service he introduced revenue share partnerships at over 300 sites across the UK and was the first operator to introduce coin operated changing room lockers to Local Authorities.

Trevor has a flair for product design, manufacture and operation as well as identifying innovative strategies to create revenue generating business.

John Batley
Company Secretary

John qualified is a Chartered Accountant and has worked for Price Waterhouse in their London & Toronto offices before moving into industry in 1978. Since then he has worked in a broad range of international companies covering real estate, consumer goods and management consultancy.

Ian Nicholas
Strategic Technology Adviser

Ian has a wealth of industry experience within the high technology sector focusing on computing, networks and telecommunications, having held senior positions in both large international and small, start-up companies. He has delivered key projects for Fujitsu, Westell Technologies and British Telecom as well as holding senior technical roles with Acorn Communications and Radiant Networks, which had a focus on all aspects of early stage development of products, teams and companies.

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