ShutUp Zone

Shutup Zone provides safe and secure storage of personal valuables and aims to be the market leader for customers in the Leisure Sector.


Providing the most reliable and cost effective storage solution for personal valuables, using the latest technology, creating peace of mind for our customers.
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Leisure centres

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Welcome to the ShutUp Zone!!

Research has shown that many users of leisure centres, swimming pools and gyms have great concerns when they have valuable items with them. Wallets, car keys, mobile phones and even laptops are all vulnerable to theft when left in regular lockers. Until now!!

The ShutUp Zone is a new innovative solution where you can stow away your worries and get peace of mind, making your leisure time even better!!



The SBox is a space of trusted security where people can store their valuables and know that they are guaranteed to be kept safe and secure.

We provide customers with a convenient alternative to leaving valuables in more vulnerable lockers or in your car.

The SBox uses the latest RFID Wrist Strap technology, security video surveillance and an external Control Room to provide ultra-high security and convenience for customers and no hassles for businesses.


Safe, secure, and reliable

The SBox is designed with security in mind. Made in the UK from stainless steel and built to withstand any brute force attack!!

To further support this the SBox is positioned in high visibility areas, has two cameras to record use, which are monitored by a Control Room during all centre opening hours. The Control Room deals with user queries and can authorise remote unlocking of the compartments i.e. no local staff access.

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